Learn More About Nahant, MA

Nahant is a peninsula jutting south of Lynn and surrounded on three sides by the Atlantic Ocean.  It is the smallest municipality in Massachusetts.  Incorporated in 1853 – the Town was the site of the most massive hotel complex on the Atlantic Coast.  Boston’s elite families – the Cabots, Lodges, and Lowells, as well as Harvard luminaries – poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and scientist Louis Agassiz were drawn to its relaxed pace.  From 1890’s – 1940’s Nahant’s popularity spurred a building boom responsible for most of the houses today.  With many beautiful beaches, scenic vistas, open space, and easy access to Boston, it is a coastal small Town cherished by new and old residents alike.

Priority Development Sites

Community Leadership

Jeff Chelgren, Town Administrator

781 581 9927

334 Nahant Road, Nahant, MA 01908


  • Historical Sites:


  • Beaches:

    Canoe Beach, Long Beach, Black Rock, Short Beach, Stoney Beach, Forty Steps, Bass Beach, Joseph’s Beach, Cerlew Beach, Crystal Beach, Tudor Beach, Pond Beach

  • Municipal Golf Course:

    Kelly Green at Nahant

If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

Mary Ellen Schuman, Nahant Town Hall
Jeff Chelgren