• Demographics

    • Date Established: 1815
    • Population: 26,628
    • Land Mass/Area: 11.8 square miles
    • Median Age: 43 years old
    • Median Family Income: $77,010
    • Median Home Value: $348,290
    • Education Levels: 28.5% have a bachelor's degree or higher
  • Business Overview

    • Commercial Tax Rate: $26.74
    • Cost Commercial Space: Existing Retail in Downtown District $15/sq. ft., Commercial business highway area $22/sq. ft., Manufacturing $7.50/sq.ft.
    • Utilities: Gas & Electric - National Grid, Cable - Comcast, Water - MWRA, Sewer - Lynn Water & Sewer
    • Available Parcels:
    • Zoning Categories: B - Neighborhood business, B-2 - General business, Business Highway - Route 1 Business, Business Highway Sustainable Development - Route 1 Business, Business Highway Sub District - Route 1 Business, Business Highway Residential Sub District - Route 1 business/residential, Mill District Mixed Use Overlay District - Mill District, Water Front Mixed Use Overlay District - Waterfront Area, I-1- Light Industry, I-2 Heavy Industry
    • Available Economic Development Incentives:
    • Major Employers: Home Depot, Best Buy, Continental Restaurant, Dick's Sporting Goods, Hammersmith House Nursing Care, Kelly's Roast Beef, Kmart, Kohl's Department Store, Lowe's, Macy's
    • Business Groups:

      Saugus Chamber of Commerce

  • Accessibility

    • Proximity to Highways: 1 mile to Route 128
    • Miles from Boston: 10 miles from Boston
    • Public Transportation: MBTA

    Additional Information

  • Education

    • Public Schools: 4 Elementary Schools
      1 Middle School
      1 High School
    • Private Schools: 1 Private Schools

    Community Leadership

Learn More About Saugus, MA

Saugus was originally settled in the 1630’s and was incorporated in 1815. It is strategically positioned within the metropolitan Boston area. Saugus is centrally located among a group of communities mid-way between Boston and the Salem/Beverly area, less than 10 miles from Boston and within close proximity to both Interstate 93 and 95. In addition Routes 1 and 107 traverse the Town providing easy access to all points beyond Saugus. I short Saugus has location, location, location.

The Town is a desirable community to live in, do business in, and visit due to its convenient access to Boston and points north, its small town feel, and its healthy mixture of businesses, residences, and the natural environment.

Saugus has a wide array of natural resources from costal resources to inland habitat. Open spaces such as the Breakheart Reservation and Town owned land are well maintained and accessible. Saugus’s natural amenities including the Saugus River provide recreational opportunities for adults and children.
The Town has a well-maintained, safe, comfortable and diverse housing stock that reflects its small Town character, while maintaining housing opportunities for diverse populations. Neighborhoods continue to retain their distinct identities and historic features of older houses have been preserved.

New business friendly zoning is providing opportunities for new economic development which will provide services to residents, provide jobs, generate tax dollars, and entice additional investment in Saugus. Future economic development will supplement the Town’s healthy retail structure.

Saugus residents and workers have the option to get around through the MBTA bus service which connects the surrounding communities and to the MBTA commuter rail and rapid transit stations.

  • Cultural Institutions & Attractions:

    Saugus Iron Works.

  • Historical Sites:

    Boardman House, Historic New England


  • Beaches:


  • Scenic By-Ways:


  • Municipal Golf Course:

    Ceder Glen Golf Course, Golf Country.