• Demographics

    • Date Established: 1643
    • Population: 4,987
    • Land Mass/Area: 8.1 square miles
    • Median Age: 26 years old
    • Median Family Income: $119,154
    • Median Home Value: $600,577
    • Education Levels:
  • Business Overview

    • Commercial Tax Rate: $16.25
    • Cost Commercial Space:
    • Utilities:
    • Available Parcels:
    • Zoning Categories: Residential, Business
    • Available Economic Development Incentives:
    • Major Employers: Gordon College
    • Business Groups:
  • Accessibility

    • Proximity to Highways: 2.5 miles to 128
    • Miles from Boston: 28.1 miles from Boston
    • Public Transportation: MBTA Commuter Rail Station to Boston

    Additional Information

    • City Hall Hours:                  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM; Thursday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

      *The information provided on this community page is subject to change.  For more information about this community please check the city/town website link at the top of the page.

  • Education

    • Public Schools: 3 Elementary Schools
      1 Middle School
      1 Regional High School
    • Private Schools: 1 Private School

Learn More About Wenham, MA

The Town of Wenham was originally settled in 1636 and incorporated in 1643. Fortunately, Wenham has retained much of its unique historic character and tranquil rural scenery.  It is a town of many open views of farm lands, lakes, woodlands and old stone walls that accompany its winding tree-lined roads. To complement its handsome backdrop, the community is singularly fortunate to have been blessed with an active, involved citizenry, whose major goal has always been to protect what is precious from the past while continuing to plan ahead for future generations. Wenham is justly proud of its historic past; its present responsible and responsive local government; a wealth of dedicated and able volunteers; its nearly 300 acres of parks, playgrounds and recreational lands; and its excellent regional school system. Wenham is home to Gordon College. The Wenham Village Improvement Society provides a “Free Lunch For Voters” at its traditional Saturday town meeting. A walk along Wenham’s lovely main street provides a timeless picture of beautiful old homes, gardens and yards, punctuated by friendly faces, residents say, giving one a general sense of connection to all that is right about New England small town life.

  • Cultural Institutions & Attractions:

    Wenham Museum, M. Lekkakos Spa, Salon, Boutique

  • Historical Sites:


  • Beaches:

    Pleasant Pond Beach

  • Scenic By-Ways:


  • Municipal Golf Course:

    Lakeview Golf Course, Wenham Country Club