About the Region

Boston's North Shore At A Glance

The North Shore? Most people think it’s ocean and saltmarshes, historic houses and the Gloucester fishing fleet. They remember the Topsfield Fair, the Salem Witch Trials and Ipswich clams. They’re right.

But the North Shore is a whole lot more. Stretching from Winthrop to Amesbury, the North Shore is fresh ideas, a highly educated work force, and a unique mix of businesses, inheritors of a longstanding tradition of innovation. From intrepid Puritans to entrepreneurial sea captains, North Shore men and women have always looked beyond what is to what could be.

It is a welcoming business climate supportive of start-ups, perfect for the “portable economy,” and eager to provide the resources for businesses to start or grow in place. The North Shore is unique combination of quality of life and quality of business opportunities.