Global Access

Perhaps because the North Shore is surrounded by ocean on three sides, it’s easy to overlook how well positioned we are to access the rest of the world. Thanks to the Internet, even a brand new business can operate globally from day one. Whether you’re headed into Cambridge for a meeting or shipping to Singapore, it’s easy from the North Shore.

  • Easy access to Logan International airport
  • Transportation corridors – Route 128 and interstate highways – I-95, I-495 and I-93
  • Commuter and light rail to Boston

It’s a two-way street. These same roads and trains make it easy, especially for today’s young professionals, to commute to work on the North Shore from Boston and many other communities.

Innovation by the ocean

An 1802 innovation still in use today

Mathematician (and general genius) Nathaniel Bowitch, often called the father f maritime navigation, compiled the first truly accurate navigational tables in his New American Practical Navigator. Two hundred years later, it is still carried on every U. S. Naval vessel, and most boat owners have a Bowditch aboard also.