Quality of Life


Boston’s North Shore has it in spades!  No wonder more than one business owner has founded and grown their company here precisely because this is where they want to live.

What makes the North Shore so compelling? It’s easy to point to the ocean that surrounds us on three sides…and it’s difficult to overestimate its constantly changing beauty, the pleasure of living to the rhythm of the tides, the welcome cooling breezes and fresh sea air.

But that’s just the beginning of the North Shore’s advantages.

• Good public and private schools
• A rich cultural life, from art galleries and museums to theate and music
• A sense of history in virtually every town and city
• Wonderful outdoor recreation options from hiking to sailing
• Good access to excellent health care from world-class medical institutions
• Proximity to Boston, one of America’s most sophisticated and intriguing cities
• Communities, each with its own personality, blessed with historic charm, alive with plans for the future, and full of hometown warmth and pride.

In a world where one can live in Peoria and do business in Prague, why not choose to live on the North Shore?