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What are we doing?

The North Shore Workforce Investment Board and the North Shore Alliance for Economic Development and are pleased to announce the initiation of an 18 month research and planning initiative entitled The Future of Work on the North Shore.

The WIB and the Alliance are responsible for providing economic development and workforce services to all North Shore companies and residents. Both organizations recognize the pace of social and economic change happening now and into the future. Together they are committed to understanding the vision, goals, barriers, and challenges that various community members are experiencing, or anticipate experiencing, and to developing solutions that result in continued growth and prosperity in the region.

The Future of Work will seek out the opinions, ideas, and priorities of various North Shore industry sector leaders and stakeholders, and engage them in the development of a Plan through which the WIB will invest its workforce resources efficiently and expediently.

Who can take the Survey?

Included in this conversation will be elected officials, business leaders, students of all ages, parents, educators from K-12 through graduate school and adult education, economic development specialists, veterans and social service professionals. Opportunities to participate will consist of organized meetings, attendance at existing meetings, and an on-line survey tool that will be open throughout the entire 18 month process.

Participants in this process will discuss existing and future opportunities and challenges to work, as well as ideas on how best to address the current and anticipated needs of workers and companies.

Once completed, the WIB and the North Shore Alliance will release a draft multi-year roadmap for comment and eventual publication and action. This roadmap will ensure wise use of resources and a strategic approach to meeting the realities of the Future of Work.

All on the North Shore are invited and encouraged to participate.

There is a Scholarship Available!

All students, parents, veterans and job seekers can also choose to be entered into a raffle for a $300 scholarship redeemable at various North Shore colleges or training programs upon completion of this survey.