Advance Manufacturing

The diversity of the North Shore’s manufacturing companies surprises many. Medical devices, biotechnology, computers, semi-conductors, aerospace, life sciences and food processing companies all make their home here and, as the categories suggest, virtually all rely on advanced manufacturing techniques, defined as making extensive use of computer, high precision and information technologies. North Shore manufacturing is there; it is cutting edge.

Advanced manufacturing products are sophisticated and complex, requiring highly educated or skilled workers, and generating high wages and salaries. In addition to product companies, the area has cutting-edge engineering design firms plus many machine shops and small companies providing precise metal cutting for larger companies. We are lucky to have a strong manufacturing workforce and committed to ensuring so in the future.


  • Manufacturing companies in Essex County employ more than 47,000 people; 59 companies employ 100 people or more.
  • Compared to all other Massachusetts counties, manufacturers comprise a higher percentage of total businesses.
  • They generate $2.7 billion in annual revenues, with medical manufacturing companies generate the most revenue; 64 companies have more than $250,000 in revenues.
  • The average wage is $80,000 to $90,000, with opportunities for those with certificate or Associate degrees as well as college and post-graduate degrees,


  • Top manufacturing areas are medical, metal, food and electrical We have the engineers. We also have access to the universities that produce them.
  • We have the metal workers. The Manufacturing Consortium for Northeast Massachusetts provides training matched to the needs of area companies.
  • Many companies have international markets, making our easy access to Logan International Airport critical.
  • There is strong state support for manufacturing.


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