North Shore Priority Commercial Development Sites

Stretching from Winthrop to Amesbury, the North Shore encompasses towns as small as Rowley (pop. 6,131) and cities as large as Lynn (pop. 101,000). Focusing primarily on shoreline communities, the Alliance includes Essex County east of Route 95 in its bounds as well as the city of Revere and town of Winthrop in Suffolk County.

North Shore Priority Development Sites

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The North Shore Alliance for Economic Development (the “*Alliance*”) is a regional convener and catalyst on the North Shore that supports economic development initiatives through collaboration, advocacy and regional communication. The Alliance brings regional leaders from 30 communities together to explore and take action on economic development issues that can help grow the region, including those that advance the Commonwealth as a whole. The Alliance fosters growth of the region’s economy, supports established companies and encourages new and growing businesses to locate to the North Shore.

The North Shore Priority Commercial Development Site Listing has been created with information gathered as a result of the Alliance’s convening of the region’s Economic Development Directors, City and Town Planners and Community Directors. Each Community has provided their Priority Commercial Development Sites and a point(s) of contact. Collectively this information provides an overview that will assist businesses that are interested in expanding in or locating to the region.

What follows are the Priority Commercial Development Site Listings that each community has provided to the Alliance, as well as the contact information for each site. We hope this listing is useful and encourage you to contact the individuals as listed.

View Priority Development Sites by each city below, or click here to view all Priority Development Sites.