• Demographics

    • Date Established: 1757
    • Population: 26,493
    • Land Mass/Area: 13.28 square miles
    • Median Age: 44.2 years old
    • Median Family Income: $79,478
    • Median Home Value: $420,944
    • Education Levels: 40 % of population has a bachelors degree or higher
  • Business Overview

    • Commercial Tax Rate: $21.42
    • Cost Commercial Space: Varies widely depending on location (mall, downtown, industrial park); rates are competitive, but consultation with local broker recommended
    • Utilities: Danvers Water Department, Danvers Electric Division, and National Grid (natural gas)
    • Available Parcels: Danvers is a largely built out community with few large parcels left for development; most new development involves replacement of, additions to, or re-purposing of existing structures.
    • Zoning Categories: 6 Residential Districts, 3 Commercial Districts, 2 Industrial Districts, 1 Waterfront Village District, 3 Highway Corridor Zones, a Healthcare District, the Hathorne West District, and a Village District. There are 5 Overlay Zones: Adult Overlay District, Flood Plain and Floodways Districts, Groundwater Protection District, Downtown Improvement District and Tapleyville Overlay District
    • Available Economic Development Incentives: Tax Incentive Financing (TIF) has been used once in conjunction with a with Cell Signaling
    • Major Employers: Osram Sylvania (manufacturing); Beverly Hospital (medical center); North Shore Community College (higher education); Doubletree Conference Resort (hotel/conference center); VNA North Shore, Inc. (visiting nurses); Home Depot (retail); Hospice of the North Shore (medical care); Lowe’s (retail); Medtronic (bio-med. R&D); and Hotwatt (manufacturing).
    • Business Groups:
  • Accessibility

    • Proximity to Highways: I-95, MA Route 128, and US Route 1 pass through the town. These are crossed by Routes 35, 62, and 114
    • Miles from Boston: 17 miles
    • Public Transportation: MBTA bus route. Newburyport/Rockport line of the MBTA Commuter Rail passes through neighboring Salem & Beverly.

    Additional Information

    • City Hall Hours:  Mon-Wed 8:00am to 5:00pm; Thu 8:00am to 7:30pm; Fri 8:00am to 1:30pm

  • Education

    • Public Schools: 5 Elementary Schools
      1 Middle School
      1 High School
      1 Regional Technical High School
    • Private Schools: 2 Private Schools

Learn More About Danvers, MA

The Town of Danvers is a family-friendly suburb on Boston’s North Shore.  Known for its excellent public school system, Danvers is also home to Saint John’s Preparatory School, Essex Technical High School, North Shore Community College and St. Mary Annunciation School.   It is a stable, well run suburb with a strong tax base and a lively town center (Danvers Square), and features two industrial/research and development parks with excellent road access; the Cherry Hill Industrial Park is also directly adjacent to Beverly Municipal Airport, which provides private plane and corporate jet access as well.  Danvers enjoys a naturally sheltered harbor with ocean access that is made up of four rivers: Danvers, Waters, Cranes and Porter.  The crown jewel of the Town’s impressive park system is Endicott Park, a 165 acre public park that was the former estate of Joseph Peabody.  The Town is served by a Town Manager, a five-member Board of Selectmen, and a Representative Town Meeting.

  • Cultural Institutions & Attractions:
  • Historical Sites:

    Danvers Historical Society

  • Beaches:

    Sandy Beach

  • Scenic By-Ways:
  • Municipal Golf Course:

    Ferncroft Country Club