• Demographics

    • Date Established: 1626
    • Population: 42,544
    • Land Mass/Area: 18.1 sq mi
    • Median Age: 37
    • Median Family Income: $64,214
    • Median Home Value: $304,400
    • Education Levels: 37.1 % have a Bachelors Degree or Higher
  • Business Overview

    • Commercial Tax Rate: $30.99
    • Cost Commercial Space: $7 per sq/ft (industrial) / $15 per sq/ft (retail) / $15 per sq/ft (office)
    • Utilities: National Grid (gas and electric), Verizon (telephone), Comcast (cable), and municipal water and sewer
    • Available Parcels: Please contact the City of Salem Department of Planning & Community Development to discuss your space requirements: 978-619-5685
    • Zoning Categories: RESIDENTIAL DISTRICTS:
      Residential Conservation (RC)
      Residential One-Family (R1)
      Residential Two-Family (R2)
      Residential Multifamily (R3)

      Business Neighborhood (B1)
      Business Highway (B2)
      Business Wholesale and Automotive (B4)
      Central Development (B5)
      Business Park Development (BPD)
      North River Canal Corridor (NRCC)

      Industrial (I)

      Flood Hazard Overlay District (FHOD)
      Entrance Corridor Overlay District (ECOD)
      Conservation Overlay District (COD)
      Waterfront Industrial Overlay District (WIOD)
    • Available Economic Development Incentives: For more information on other programs and incentives, please contact the Economic Development Planner in the City of Salem’s Department of Planning and Community Development: 978-619-5685
    • Major Employers: North Shore Medical Center, Salem State University, Salem Five, and the Peabody Essex Museum
    • Business Groups:

      Salem Chamber of Commerce; Enterprise Center at Salem State University; Small Business Development Center

  • Accessibility

    • Proximity to Highways: 4 miles to Route 128; 5 miles to I-95; 7 miles to Route 1
    • Miles from Boston: 18 Miles North of Boston
    • Public Transportation: MBTA Commuter Rail (1 Stop), Buses, Salem Ferry

    Additional Information

    • City Hall Hours:  Mon-Wed (8:00 am – 4:00 pm), Thurs (8:00 am – 7:00 pm), Fri (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)

      Development projects underway or in planning phases in Salem: http://www.buildingsalem.com/


      *The information provided on this community page is subject to change.  For more information about this community please check the city/town website link at the top of the page.

  • Education

    • Public Schools: Bates Elementary, Bentley, Carlton Elementary, Collins Middle School, Nathaniel, Salem High School, Saltonstall Elementary, Witchcraft Heights Elementary, New Liberty Charter School, Salem Prep High School
    • Private Schools: Phoenix School, The Greenhouse School

    Community Leadership

  • Mayor Kimberley Driscoll

    978 619 5600

    93 Washington Street, Salem, MA 01970


  • Lynn Goonin Duncan, City Planner, AICP

    978 619 5685

    120 Washington Street, 3rd Floor, Salem, MA 01970


  • Andrew Shapiro, Economic Development Planner

    978 619 5685

    120 Washington Street, 3rd Floor, Salem, MA 01970


Learn More About Salem, MA

Salem is a unique community in a diverse region; known for its rich maritime history, as being the birthplace of the National Guard and for the infamous Witchcraft Trials of 1692.  It is also a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly City where its residents, and over a million tourists annually, can easily visit historic architecture, unique attractions, world-famous museums and an eclectic mix of shops and dining options.  And, with easy access to public transportation – including our own ferry – Salem is a great city to live, work and play.  Many consider Salem the jewel of Massachusetts’ vibrant North Shore, and businesses here benefit from its rich mix of history, culture and natural serenity.

Particularly important to existing and prospective Salem business owners, the city offers an exceptional opportunity for business development and guidance.  The City of Salem’s Department of Planning and Community Development, Salem Chamber of Commerce, Salem Main Streets, Enterprise Center at Salem State University, and SBA Small Business Development Center offer excellent counseling programs and guidance to get your ideas off the ground.

Today, with restored enthusiasm and enterprise, our community is alive with development and growth.  In fact, Salem is experiencing over $1.7 billion worth of investments in public and private projects over the next few years – we invite you to be a part of it.

  • Cultural Institutions & Attractions:

    Peabody Essex Museum, Old Point Burying Cemetry, Salem Witch Trials Memorial, Salem Ferry

  • Historical Sites:

    Salem Maritime National Historic Site, McIntire Historic District, Nathaniel Bowitch House, City Hall, Derby Waterfront District

  • Beaches:

    Winter Island/Waikiki Beach

  • Scenic By-Ways:
  • Municipal Golf Course:

    Old Salem Greens, Kernwood Country Club