• Demographics

    • Date Established: 1852
    • Population: 17,940
    • Land Mass/Area: 1.99 square miles
    • Median Age: 40 years old
    • Median Family Income: $85,246
    • Median Home Value: $384,988
    • Education Levels: 35.8% have a bachelor's degree or higher
  • Business Overview

    • Commercial Tax Rate: $14.34
    • Cost Commercial Space: Varies
    • Utilities: The town is located in the MWRA service district for water and sewer and is served by National Grid for electricity and natural gas needs.
    • Available Parcels: Please contact the Town Manager’s Office for information about available commercial spaces and your needs.
    • Zoning Categories: Business A and Light Manufacturing. The town also has designated mixed use zoning districts in the Centre Business District and its Waterfront District.
    • Available Economic Development Incentives: Winthrop was designated as an ETA in 2013 in a regional district with Chelsea and Revere TIFs and other economic development incentive tools are available.
    • Major Employers: Winthrop is dominated by small businesses, with only two employers in the community that employ more than 49 people.
    • Business Groups:
  • Accessibility

    • Proximity to Highways: State route 145 traverses the town and connects Winthrop to neighboring East Boston. Route 1 is located about 4 miles away and access to the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) and I-93 is just five miles away through the Ted Williams or Sumner/Callahan tunnels.
    • Miles from Boston: Winthrop is located 4 miles north of downtown Boston, on Boston Harbor and is adjacent to East Boston.
    • Public Transportation: MBTA Bus Service, Ferry Service to begin Fall 2015

    Additional Information

    • *The information provided on this community page is subject to change.  For more information about this community please check the city/town website link at the top of the page.

  • Education

    • Public Schools: 2 Elementary Schools
      1 Middle School
      1 High School
    • Private Schools: 0 Private Schools

    Community Leadership

  • James McKenna, Town Manager

    617 846 1852

    1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152


  • Joseph Domelowicz, Jr., Assistant to the Town Manager, Grants and Economic Development

    617 846 1852 x1013

    1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152


  • Tanji Cifuni, Community Development Project Manager

    617 846 1852 x1011

    1 Metcalf Square, Winthrop, MA 02152


Learn More About Winthrop, MA

The town of Winthrop is a wonderful seaside community located within easy commuting distance of downtown Boston, featuring beautiful beaches, conservation areas, a nine hole golf course and boating facilities.  The town has a small commercial retail sector with room to grow and the majority of businesses in the community are independently owned businesses that employ 5 to 20 people on average.  The town undertook an Economic Development Strategic Plan in 2014 and re-wrote its Center Business District zoning to encourage the development of new mixed use development. The focus is to bring new retail and commercial interests to the community, while also developing newer, more urban style housing for young professionals.  The town is seeking to attract new development to its Center and Waterfront and to develop a visitor and tourism based economy that takes advantage of our natural resources and attractions.

The Town of Winthrop has recently completed a master planning process for the Centre Business District and amended zoning to help streamline permitting in the Centre Business District. If you would like more specific information about the town of Winthrop, the town;s Economic Development Strategic Plan or potential commercial development opportunities, please contact Assistant Town Manager Joseph Domelowicz Jr. at 617-846-1852 ext. 1013 or by email at jdomelowicz@town.winthrop.ma.us

  • Cultural Institutions & Attractions:

    Deer Island Harbor Walk

  • Historical Sites:


  • Beaches:

    Winthrop Beach, Yirrell Beach, Donovan’s Beach, Pico Beach

  • Scenic By-Ways:
  • Municipal Golf Course:

    Winthrop Golf Club