Economic Development Sites – Peabody, Massachusetts 

October 11, 2022 10:13 am

One of the roles of the North Shore Alliance is to support economic development initiatives across 30 towns along the northeast region of Massachusetts. Not only do we encourage and support growing companies and their leaders, but we also bolster new businesses by providing information about commercial development opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a new business or current business owners to expand their footprint. 

To do this, we highlight commercial priority development sites with the help of the region’s Economic Development Directors, City and Town Planners, and Community Directors. 

In staying with this month’s town spotlight featuring Peabody, Massachusetts, we will be highlighting three economic development sites in that town. Please visit our North Shore Alliance site to check on availability as availability status may change. 

Peabody Town Hall150 Unit Downtown Peabody Portfolio

Downtown Peabody is a great place to set up your store-front business as it is a vibrant and busy area for visitors and locals alike. Foot traffic, buses, and commuters frequent the area making it ideal for businesses looking to expand or start doing business in our area. 

Located on Upper Main Street, this economic development site offers 11 buildings on 13 parcels of land. The offering provides the potential buyers with a chance to acquire a significant portion of Upper Main Street downtown, all parcels being in the Opportunity Zone. The total makeup of the portfolio is two parcels of land, 134 residential suites, and 16 retail units for a total of 150 tenancies.

The sizes of each site are broken down as follows: 2,302/11, 774/13, 073/5, 895/5,048/5, 048/5, 048/7,592. For more information please contact Brian D’Apice at 978-762-9771. 

Mixed Use Development Site

This 2,400 sq. ft. site is located in downtown Peabody and is an opportunity for someone hoping to start or grow their business. The site is for mixed-use and is on the first floor and is currently occupied by an auto dealer. The second floor is a townhouse-style apartment with bedrooms. This is a corner lot with ample parking for 20 cars.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact J. Barrett & Company. 

Warehouse Building

This warehouse building offers 24,764 sq. ft. of open space on two levels in R1A zoning.  The building features two loading dock-style rollup doors and three drive-in-style roll-up doors. Great for warehouse, storage, manufacturing, or like-uses.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Brian D’Apice at 978-762-9771. 

For a complete list check out our updated list on the North Shore Alliance website. We encourage you to contact the individuals listed below.