Economic Spotlight on Saugus, Massachusetts

March 23, 2022 8:43 am

The North Shore Alliance, or the “Alliance,” prides itself on supporting economic development initiatives across the 30 communities and four Gateway Cities of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Each month we will be conducting a community highlight. We will be taking a look at some of these communities, where they stand economically, and highlight commercial development sites that may be of interest to our readers. 

This month we will be taking a closer look at the town of Saugus, Massachusetts, a family-friendly, historic neighborhood town located along the North Shore, a short ten miles north of Boston.

A Word About Saugus, Massachusetts

If you’ve visited the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site or hiked Breakheart Reservation, you’ve seen a peek into the history, nature, and geography of Saugus. 

Located less than 10 miles from Boston, Saugus is the perfect mixture of businesses, residences, and the natural environment. This family-friendly community is conveniently located near Boston as well as major interstates 93 & 95, Route 1 and 107. 

First settled in 1629, Saugus is home to historic sites, access to public transportation, a thriving business community, excellent schools, coastal resources, and natural habitats. As of the 2010 census demographic profile, there were 26,628 people, 10,318 households, and 7,144 families residing in Saugus.

Breakheart Reservation

Points of Interest

There are several historical landmarks and points of interest that you may be interested in next time you find yourself in Saugus. 

According to the town site, the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site, in operation from 1646-1668, was the first integrated iron works in North America and is now a National Historic Site. The Saugus Iron Works is located along the Saugus River, an environmental habitat for many species of fish as well as a home for the largest lobster fishing fleet in Massachusetts. The River also provides recreational opportunities for adults and children.

In addition to the Ironworks and the Saugus River, there are many places in nature to visit either inland or along the rocky coastline. Prankers Pond, Rumney Marsh, and Breakheart Reservation are three such places to explore. The Reservation has an expansive trail system that allows visitors to climb to vistas with views of Boston, New Hampshire, and central Massachusetts. There are also supervised swimming areas and education programs to take advantage of during your visit. 

Economic Development 

Saugus has access to a strong workforce, convenient connections to the local transit (MBTA), and new business-friendly zoning that provides opportunities for robust economic development. This will provide services to residents, provide jobs, generate tax dollars, and entice additional investment in Saugus. Future economic development will supplement the Town’s healthy retail structure.

Christopher Reilly is the Director of Planning and Economic Development in Saugus and encourages community members to take an active role in the planning process. 

During the past years of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been multi leveled approaches to servicing and supporting local businesses. Local assistance was through the Town of Saugus Microenterprise Assistance Program. At the state level there are a wide variety of assistance programs including Massachusetts’s COVID-19 Resources and Guidance.

For more resources available at the local, state, or federal level visit the Planning and Economic Development page for Saugus, Massachusetts.