How the Mass Health Connector for Business Can Support Your Organization 

January 6, 2022 8:06 am

The last couple of years has shown us the ultimate value and importance of having quality health insurance. Being able to gain access to health care and dental care can keep Americans healthy throughout these unprecedented times.

Our blog today explores a recent North Shore Conversations podcast on North Shore 104.9, with Chaitra Sanders, the Associate Director of Massachusetts Health Connector for Business and Niki Conte the Associate Director of the Public Outreach and Education division of Mass Health Connector. 

During our conversation we had the opportunity to learn more about the Massachusetts Health Connector for both small businesses as well as individuals who are in need of gaining access to quality and affordable health insurance and dental insurance. 

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What Is the Massachusetts Health Connector? 

The Massachusetts Health Connector is the country’s first and longest running state-based marketplace, having been created in 2006 to provide high-value coverage to individuals and small businesses in the Commonwealth and to serve as a policy and outreach hub for both state and federal health reforms designed to expand and improve coverage.

The Mass Health Connector for Business is designed for small businesses who maintain 50 or less full time employees. The Mass Health Connector for Individuals is geared toward Massachusetts residents who work in Massachusetts and do not get insurance from their jobs or are not eligible through their partners. 

Currently, the Health Connector helps 300,000 business employees get their health or dental insurance. On the individual side of the Health Connector, more than 267,000 individuals gain access to health insurance. A full 80% of those individuals get help paying for their health insurance with programs such as $0 premiums, a sliding scale for payments, low co-pays, and/or no deductibles. 


What Makes the Mass Health Connector Different?

Both Ms. Sanders and Ms. Conte explained the uniqueness of the program with a few key points that are very attractive to busy professionals and individuals. 

The MA Health Connector:

  • Is all online and made to be very simple to sign up. 
  • Uses 50 plans from leading insurers such as: AllWays Health Partners ▪ Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts ▪ Boston Medical Center Health Plan ▪ Fallon Community Health Plan ▪ Harvard Pilgrim Health Care ▪ Health New England ▪ Tufts Health Plan ▪ UnitedHealthcare.
  • Is a one-stop shopping location for the type or level of insurance you or your employees need. 
  • Save $$ for employees and employers. 
  • Offers rebates for employees and employers such as a 15% rebate at the end of the plan year and a gift card for individuals who get involved in healthy activities. 
  • Offers easy estimates so you and your organization know all the costs upfront. 

Eligibility for small businesses includes: 

  • 50 for fewer full time employees in Mass
  • An offer of insurance to all employees who are considered full time (30 hours or more)
  • And 1 non owner employee involved

Want to know more about the Massachusetts Health Connector? Listen to the podcast linked above or visit their easy-to use website and get started on your health or dental insurance today. 


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