How To Find & Keep Talented Employees 

October 7, 2022 10:03 am

In our last blog, we examined some of the resources job seekers could access to find the position that they are searching for that matches their experience and skill set. Today, we are flipping the coin and looking at the workforce situation from another angle – from the viewpoint of a business searching for talented workers. 

More than ever before there is a talent shortage that companies large and small are trying to battle against. Finding and keeping talented employees is critical as the country attempts to fully recover from the pandemic. It costs more time, money, and energy to find a good employee than it does to retain one.

Here are a few suggestions on finding that proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ employee to complete your team. 

Keep Salaries Competitive

Above all else, offering better-than-average salaries and excellent benefits can make your business more attractive than your competitors. The United States Chamber of Commerce cites this as a top technique to “lock employees in and encourage them to stick around for the pay and perks alone.” They also suggest providing a specific retention bonus to give an incentive to stay with the company.

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Recruit With Purpose 

From the job listing to the onboarding process, your recruitment process should have the sole purpose of finding the right person to fit your company culture, talent pool, and needed skills. Identify exactly what you are looking for in a candidate, including skills, and search for that specific person, using your deep network of friends in your industry.

Avoid Micromanaging 

Not only does micromanaging your employees hamper productivity, but it also has the potential to turn off self-motivated employees and cause workplace morale to take a serious nosedive. 

This concept includes allowing your employees to speak freely and know that their opinion, whether it is in alignment with yours or not, will be listened to and valued can speak volumes about their staying power in a company. 

Offer Advancement Opportunities

When an employee does the same tasks over and over again, they may get complacent and view their job as closed-off to advancement opportunities. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests identifying high-performing workers who have skills and talents that could expand and meet the demands of a new position higher up in the company. 

Investing in the future of your employees makes them understand their value and will instill loyalty to some of your most talented team members. 

Provide Flexibility 

Over the past couple of years, the global workforce has experienced remote as well as hybrid styles of work. Each style has an appeal to different groups of people. Within reason allow your employees flexibility that allows them to seek that elusive work-life balance that so many of us strive for. 


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