North Shore Commercial Priority Sites for Development Part IV 

January 11, 2022 8:12 am

One of the roles of the North Shore Alliance is to support economic development initiatives across 30 towns along the northeast region of Massachusetts. Not only do we encourage and support growing companies and their leaders, but we also bolster new businesses by providing information about commercial development opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a new business or current business owners to expand their footprint. 

To do this, we highlight commercial priority development sites with the help of the region’s Economic Development Directors, City and Town Planners, and Community Directors. 

Here are a few sites that you may want to delve into for your business plan. 

Danvers, Massachusetts is a family-friendly and conveniently located suburb on the North Shore of the state. It is located at the crossroads of  I-95, I-128 and Route 1. Danvers currently has a few priority commercial development sites that might be the perfect opportunity for your business. 

New England Aquatics

The Former New England Aquatics

Located on the backside of the Liberty Tree Mall, the former location of Lydon Aquatics or New England Aquatics, is a development site that boasts 1.04 acres zoned for Industrial 1.  

This site currently houses a former swimming and health facility that would need to be raised. The location is one that is perfect for a growing or fledgling company looking for a spot that is easily identifiable and close to major retailers. 

If you are interested in this location please contact Karen Nelson, or call 978-777-0001 x 3095.

(Photo credits Paul Bilodeau Salem News) 

Former Econo Lodge / Denny’s

This commercial development site is the first thing cars see as they exit Route 128 south as they turn toward the Liberty Tree Mall. Zoned as commercial III and with 4.2 acres adjacent the highway and Endicott Street in Danvers, Massachusetts, this site is ideal for commercial businesses looking for an easily accessible location. 

The current location has a  20,000+ sq. ft. motel building located along the commercial area of Route-114 and Route-1. Thousands of cars and transport vehicles pass by this very location every day! 

If you are interested in learning more, please contact: Karen Nelson, or call 978-777-0001 x 3095.

Former Hollywood Hits 

Located directly on 128 North, the former Hollywood Hits site sits on ​ 24 acres of land offering direct access to Route 1, Route I-95 and neighboring commercial areas such as the Liberty Tree Mall, North Shore Mall and Endicott Square Shopping Center.

Currently there is a 23,580 sq. ft. office building on the property that is zoned for commercial III. If you have questions about this or any of the Danvers commercial development locations please contact: Karen Nelson, or call 978-777-0001 x 3095.