North Shore Commercial Development Sites

July 28, 2021 4:38 pm

One of the roles of the North Shore Alliance is to support economic development initiatives across 30 towns along the northeast region of Massachusetts. Not only do we encourage and support growing companies and their leaders, but we also bolster new businesses by providing information about commercial development opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a new business or current business owners to expand their footprint. 

To do this, we highlight commercial priority development sites with the help of the region’s Economic Development Directors, City and Town Planners, and Community Directors. Here are five sites that you may want to delve into for your business plan. 

Cummings Center

The Cummings Center – Beverly Massachusetts 

Built well over 100 years ago, this former shoe manufacturing plant is not only an industrial landmark, but is now home to more than 500 hundred diverse businesses including: medical, lab, retail, first-class office space, educational space, and industrial space. 

The complex at Cummings Center has a modern look for a building that was reborn from a hundred year old factory system. The business directory shows that it houses quite the eclectic menagerie of businesses from Merrill Lynch, American Renal, Lahey Health/ Beverly Hospital, Partners HealthCare, Sensitech, Microline Surgical, Xylem, and Waters.

With easy access to 128, small and medium-sized businesses can choose from a number of leasing opportunities from small footprints to larger square footage. 

Former Hollywood Hits – Danvers, Massachusetts 

The multiplex formerly known as Hollywood Hits in Danvers, Massachusetts closed its doors permanently in 2016 after 17 years in business. The cause of the closure was probably due to many factors including competing larger chains, the shift of consumers to DVDs and now streaming movies, as well as the need for refurbishment to the aging theater. 

The location for this commercial development could not be better. It is located within highway view on 128 North and is located in a hub of other shopping plazas that attract consumers. 

With 24 acres and 23,580 sq. ft. of office building, this site offers a rare opportunity for a business wanting close access to major highways and the space to grow. 

Hollywood Hits Danvers

Former Gloucester Engineering Site – Gloucester, Massachusetts 

After a few years of being unoccupied the former Gloucester Engineering site will offer new businesses opportunities to grow. The site is located conveniently at the second rotary in Gloucester directly off route 128. Sitting atop the hill, this 160,000+ square foot Class C manufacturing facility could be a perfect opportunity for businesses to start their organization in a thriving and revitalizing city along the coast. The former industrial plant can house 50 or more businesses as it is slated to be refurbished. 

General Electric Gear Plant – Lynn, Massachusetts 

The end of an era occurred in 2011 when the GE plant closed for good. Boasting 60 acres of waterfront property, this location is zoned for mixed use with a 20-story height restriction. 

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