Programs & Events at North Shore Alliance 2022

April 27, 2022 10:26 am

The last two years of the global coronavirus pandemic has kept many of us limiting our time out and about. Thankfully, the North Shore Alliance has been able to adapt to this new normal by moving many events to online or virtual formats. As we begin to open up again, it’s worth reminding our visitors and businesses across the North Shore of Massachusetts about some of the resources and events that we offer through the alliance. 

The Alliance service area is made up of 30 communities, including four Gateway Cities and brings together regional leaders to explore and take action on economic development issues that can help grow the region, including those that advance the Commonwealth as a whole.

To achieve our mission we offer many resources, membership, and events for business professionals of this region and beyond. Here is just a brief review of some of the offerings that we can assist with or provide for our area. 

North Shore ConversationsNorth Shore Conversations

This weekly radio show (Saturday mornings at 7 am on 104.9 FM) talks with regional leaders about topics facing and impacting the North Shore. We want to give the listeners information and insight on these issues. And most importantly, why these issues matter to you as a North Shore resident.

Some of our recent interviews have included State Representatives, local Mayors, business resource agencies, health care specialists, economic experts and more. This program is produced by the North Shore Alliance for Economic Development. The program, hosted by Laura Swanson focuses mainly on advancing the state and region’s major issues such as transportation, affordable housing, workforce needs and business recruitment and retention. In the past two years, many guests have focused these interviews on the pandemic and helping our small and medium sized businesses recover from the economic impacts of the crisis. 

To listen to these interviews, join Ms. Swanson Saturday mornings or check out the taped programs on our site at your convenience. 

Policymaker Series 

The Alliance Policymakers Series hosts speakers that play a critical role in formulating and implementing policies that impact the region’s economic vitality and prospects for job creation and growth.

This month we are hosting Secretary Mike Kennealy from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development. Secretary Kennealy will provide an update of the Housing and Economic Development Priorities of the Baker-Polito Administration. 

This event will be held at the Hawthorn Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts at 8:00 am on Wednesday April 13, 2022. Register for this event here. 

work group

Small Business Technical Assistance

Does your small business need a bit of help on the digital side of your organization? 

The Alliance provides small business technical assistance and offers educational programs including Small Business Clinics. The Alliance has shared resource and policy information from federal, state, and local governments and other private sources to assist businesses and policy makers alike.

Planner Meetings 

The Alliance convenes quarterly meetings of the region’s Economic Development Directors, City and Town Planners and Community Directors. These meetings present an opportunity for participants to discuss matters of regional advocacy and oftentimes multi-community coordination.

Have you checked out our growing calendar of events each month? Sign up for many of our programs via our site or by calling the Alliance direct number 978-744-443 or via email at