The Economic Pulse: A Spotlight on Newburyport, Massachusetts

November 11, 2021 7:56 am

The North Shore Alliance, or the “Alliance,” prides itself on supporting economic development initiatives across the 30 communities and four Gateway Cities of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Each month we will be conducting a community highlight. We will be taking a look at some of these communities, where they stand economically, and highlight commercial development sites that may be of interest to our readers. 

This month we will be taking a closer look at the city of Newburyport, Massachusetts, located on the southern bank of the mouth of the Merrimack River where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. 

Plum IslandNewburyport: Then & Now 

If you like the combination of history, heritage, and a coastal lifestyle, Newburyport, Massachusetts, just 35 miles north of Boston, is the place for you. 

First settled in 1635 as part of “Newberry Plantation,” Newburyport was once one of the smallest towns in the northeast known for its shipbuilding, maritime history, fishing fleet, and location on both the Atlantic Ocean and the mighty Merrimack River. 

Now it’s known for its large and prosperous industries including: healthcare, scientific and technical services, manufacturing, finance and insurance industries. While making great strikes in these industries, the area including the Greater Newburyport region still holds on to its history, especially its expertise in boating and maritime industries. 

Economic Development & Resources 

Newburyport and the region as a whole have many resources and economic development opportunities for both residents and commercial business owners. 

The wide range of industries in the area, as well as the vibrant tourism industry and access to major interstates make this area particularly welcoming to small and large companies alike, looking to either start their business or expand their already established one. 

Organizations looking for economic development assistance or residents looking to find more information on the financial services available in this region should connect with some of the resources we have listed below. 

The Office of Planning and Development

According to their official site, this department “is the City’s chief planning and development agency. The overall goal of the Office is to enhance Newburyport’s physical environment and improve the quality of life for all who live, work, and visit Newburyport. The Planning Office helps to translate into action the goals, objectives and vision for Newburyport as articulated by its residents and their elected and appointed Officials.”

Office staff continually develops plans, policies, and projects to guide Newburyport’s physical and economic development, affordable housing, historic preservation, and environmental conservation. 

Newburyport Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce for this region provides a multitude of resources for job hunters, commercial developers, contractors, and new businesses hoping to get off the ground. 

The SCORE program is extremely helpful in providing mentors who are a highly skilled group of working and retired business professionals and owners who have enjoyed success over the course of their careers and now want to give back by helping you succeed.

Financial Services 

As we navigate our way out of the economic changes caused by the coronavirus, residents and small businesses in the Greater Newburyport area are fortunate to have access to some very experienced financial services and businesses with a strong history of providing exceptional results and top level customer support. Check out the links and resources on the Newburyport financial services pages online. 


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