What’s New at North Shore Community College? 

August 8, 2022 10:46 am

The North Shore Alliance is made up of 30 cities and towns along the northeast region of Massachusetts. Part of our goal is to inform our readers and listeners about the many positive things going on in our region as well as the economic opportunities that exist. Gaining an education is one such opportunity that we like to explore further. 

In a recent North Shore Conversation with host Laura Swanson, we had the chance to speak with the recently inaugurated President of North Shore Community College, William Heineman, about the opportunities happening at the community college level. 

Who Is President Heineman? 

Dr. Heineman is not new to the community college system. In fact, this is his 26th year in the system after serving 25 years at Northern Essex Community College first as a faculty member, then as Dean, and finally, as Provost before he was inaugurated last year as the 5th President of North Shore Community College (NSCC). 

Lynn Campus of NSCC

What Should People Know About NSCC? 

In our conversation with President Heineman, we asked him what our radio listeners should know about the college and what they may not know. He proudly spoke about the critical role that NSCC plays in our economic recovery as well as the academic programs that NSCC has to offer. 

Most North Shore residents have heard about the high-quality and affordable education that can be gained at NSCC with over 70 associate degree programs and certificate programs. Students are well prepared to either transfer to a four-year baccalaureate school or begin a career in their chosen field. 

What some residents may not know about NSCC is that it has amazing short-term job training programs. Some are 6, 8, or 10-week courses that allow students to gain academic credentials for a specific job while also having the financial support they need. 

In order for more North Shore residents to learn about the unique programs offered at the college President Heineman encourages everyone to engage with the website where they can explore the varying majors that come in major subject areas such as: 

  • Agriculture and Food Services 
  • Business 
  • Heath Care 
  • Animal Science 
  • Education
  • Engineering and IT Tech 
  • Personal Services 
  • Science & Math 
  • Human Services 
  • Liberal Arts Information Technology
  • And more 

New Initiatives? 

President Heineman discussed with us one new initiative that he is especially excited about – the Early College Program where students in high school get a chance to earn college credit starting in their freshman year and are able to get a feel for what college classes are all about. 

Teaming with Lynn Schools, NSCC hopes to have 100 freshmen in the program and 100 each year after. The students will be able to take college-level classes for credits and could possibly earn 34 credits by the time they graduate high school! That’s more than halfway to an associate degree. 

To learn more about these programs visit the North Shore Community College website and explore the possibilities for your future.